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Jennifer in Jonesboro, AR *****
The level of professionalism and knowledge of how animals learn is unmatched. Brian went above and beyond to make sure I knew how to handle my dog in good and ugly situations. If you have time to visit the kennels you will notice the quality of the grounds and attention to every need of the animals. If you don’t have time go anyway, you won’t be sorry! The dog you want is waiting at the end of this training.
Becky in Jonesboro, AR *****
I took our long haired GSD to Brian for his 30 day obedience course. He was so patient with me with all the questions (mostly very naive) in the 30 days he had my dog. He never made me feel inept. When I did the hands on training, he corrected me on what I was doing wrong, but again never made me feel stupid. He explained things in a way that I understood the concept he was trying to convey. Most of the dog training he does is WAY above just obedience. But, he invests as much effort into basic obedience as into the high level security dogs he trains.
My dog is doing great! I thank him for his patience, his knowledge, & his commitment to our canine friends.
Hannah in Paragould, AR *****
Olympus Kennels was wonderful with our Bloodhound, Boomer! We know the owner personally and he was very straight forward and was in constant contact with us on updates with our dog. We didn't want protective training, just mainly on leash and simple commands. I have been so pleased with the training he did with our dog. Mr. Smith has even kept in touch with us about Boomer and making sure he's still doing what he trained him to do. We hope to soon be able to send him back for some off the leash training soon!
MELINDA in Harrison, AR *****
We highly recommend Olympus Kennels! When we decided on this specific breed, we looked all over for a breeder. After meeting Brian and seeing his operation, we purchased our first pup, Fynn, from him. She has completed two 30-day training sessions with Brian thus far, and we are super pleased with the progress she has made. Her obedience is perfect! Recently, we purchased our second pup, Huck. Brian has never hesitated on giving advice or answering our questions. He truly cares about the dogs and the families they are going to.
Whether you are looking for a mal or a trainer for your pup, we highly recommend Olympus Kennels! You won’t be disappointed.
Dawn in PRAIRIE GROVE, AR *****
We bought a Ares/Gia puppy from Brian, had Brian do the 30 day obedience/bite work training. Our puppy went from a wild child to a pup with manners, I'm able to take him in public, enjoy walks and not having to fight or struggle with daily outings. We couldn't have chose anyone any better to train and care for our pup. We'll continuing training till Brian let's us know he feels all our needs in training are met, definitely highly recommended!
Stephanie in Hillsboro, MO *****
We love our pup, rip! He's full of energy and clumsy! We couldn't ask for a better puppy! Great service when we picked up our puppy, super down to earth folks that run a great kennel! I'm so happy with our mal! Highly recommend! Thanks Olympus kennel u made our Christmas special
Johnny and Twyla in Diamond, MO *****
We recently picked up our 3 year old boy from Brian. He was there for obedience training. We honestly never thought training him was possible. We can definitely verify Brian provided just that. Choosing Brian for training is like choosing the best, most accomplished, trusted surgeon to perform surgery on your child. Brian is just that, he is phenomenal and we will definitely be bringing another. One thing that we really appreciated with Brian is his straight forward honesty with his professional assessment. We highly recommend Brian Smith at Olympus Kennels to anyone who is serious about training.
Larry in Hot springs, AR *****
We bought Ares/Gia puppy and she is awesome. We just got her back from her first training session and Brian and his team have exceeded our expectations, and they were high!! Bite training and obedience is on point.. Also they have very comfortable onsite lodging as well that is very convenient when you’re there getting your training. Lol, thanks again Olympus kennels
David in Cherokee Village, AR *****
We purchased Radar (our Search and Rescue Dog) from Brian at Olympus Kennel.

At just now 5 months old and our very first scent training, Radar was quick and SPOT On! Our Second attempt, Radar was again SPOT on and when we removed the bait to see if he would find a hidden person, Radar took us right to him!

The 3rd scent training, we used one Bait and add d items during the trail to the person, Radar found the first treat, took us to the 1st item then right to the person!

The genetics bread into Olympus Kennels Dogs are out of this world and we couldn't have chosen any better! These Dogs are beyond Awesome and we look for great finds while using Radar in our Search and Rescue!

I think Radar is actually training us!
Gabrielle in Gillett, AR *****
We got our boy from Brian in December. Drives and temperament are excellent in a nicely put together package, everything we were looking for.
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