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Angela in North Little Rock, AR *****
We took our 9 month old Belgian Malinois Sage to Brian at Olympus Kennels for a 30 day obedience training. She had some previous training but now is an exceptional dog. I could not be more proud of all the work Brian has done. I highly recommend Brian. You will not be disappointed.
Lisa in Charleston, SC *****
We took Brian @ Olympus our 6 mos. old Malinois for 30 day obedience training. We dropped off a "good puppy" but picked up an "exceptional puppy". Brian's training accomplished everything we asked for plus so much more all the while caring for Sasha like she was one of his own- which was extremely important to us being 12 hrs. away. Olympus Kennels will not disappoint you!
Jordan and Kelli in Whitewright, TX *****
Our pup “K” is awesome! Brian definitely breeds some great Mal’s!
Kyle in Alexander, AR *****
If you are looking for an exceptional all around pup, you have come to the right place. We got our dog Nash in 2018 and just recently returned for some training. Nash was a great dog even before training, but Brian’s knowledge took Nash to a whole new level. I would highly highly recommend getting a dog and having him trained by Brian.
Brittany in Benton, AR *****
We got our Ziva from Olympus. Brian is great to work with and has beautiful dogs, that perform exactly as he says they will. Ziva has been back for 30-day obedience training/bitework and I am happy with the results. Totally recommend him as a breeder and trainer.
Mattie in North Little Rock, AR *****
We brought our rambunctious, ill-behaved German Shepherd puppy to Olympus Kennels for obedience and off-leash training, and when she came home, she was a totally different dog! Brian did a remarkable job and Scout is now a perfect addition to our family!
Naomi in West Melbourne, FL *****
I Have gotten 2 Malinois from Brian
Our female (Nora) was the first and she’s been back to Brian 2xs for protection training. Our 8 month old pup (Eros) will go to him in July.
There are not many breeders like him. He welcomes you like family and is there to help you anytime you need help or have questions with training.
He’s very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience with handeling dogs
I highly recommend Olympus Kennels. You will get a great dog and some of the best training out there.
Andy in Mountain Home, AR *****
We bought our female Olympia Nyx from Brian back in December. Since then she has been back for her first 30 days of training. She came back a totally different dog. Brian is a great breeder and trainer. The pups are phenomenal. I would recommend Olympus Kennels to anyone who wants a great protection dog.
James in Laurens, SC *****
Due to the expert breeding and temperament of the dogs Olympuskennels provides, I have my best dog ever! Great dogs, exceptional owners/staff, & top notch training.
Sherylette in Paragould, AR *****
We got our black German Shepherd, Loki, from Brian. Loki is an amazing animal; ten months old and 110 lbs. Loki has a wonderful disposition and will definitely be back to Brian for training. I trust Brian with our dog and want him to be a great security dog as well as a good family dog. I have been around Brian’s dogs and they are amazing to watch. He knows what he is doing at Olympus Kennels.
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