BRED for strength, courage and stability

Olympus Kennel's is located in Paragould, Arkansas. The kennel is owned and operated by Brian Smith. Brian is a former police K9 officer with 25 years of law enforcement experience and works full time at the kennel. It is our goal at Olympus Kennel's to breed a working dog capable of protecting your family in any situation, but also be stable enough to be part of the family as a protector and pet.
It is our goal at Olympus Kennel's to sell you the perfect puppy or fully trained adult dog for your needs. We of course want all our puppies to come back to us for training. As responsible breeders it is imperative that we find the best working homes for our Belgian Malinois pups and there will be an interview process to see if these high energy working breeds are right for you.
Once you have purchased an Olympus Kennel's puppy, you will become part of our dog family. If you choose, you can connect with our other clients across the USA through social media and share in the lives of your pup's siblings as well as all dogs from our breeding program. This entire network will be available for you every step of the way on your family's new journey.

We are now making our training programs available for most breeds. Please contact us with any questions about purchasing a trained adult dog, puppies or training for your pet.


Ares is a Serbian bred Belgian Malinois, both of Ares parents where direct imports from Serbia. Ares is the foundation of our breeding program. Ares is bigger than typical Malinois and is a tall, long and lean 83 pounds. Ares is fearless and full of working aggression. Ares embodies the traits we are breeding for, with a perfect on and off switch. Ares can go from lap dog to full on beast mode in a word and then back again.
Ares participates in the Protection Dog Association (PSA) and has earned his Protection Dog Certificate (PDC).

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