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BRED for strength, courage and stability

At Olympus Kennels, we specialize in German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, we take pride in producing quality dogs with the genetic capabilities to compete in all ring sports, at any level, or to be loyal protection dogs for the family or corporate world. Most of our dogs are imported and are dual registered with the kennel clubs of their home country as well as the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Based out of Paragould, AR, we are a small family business that enjoys giving back to the community with well-trained dogs to serve as both protectors and companions. As a law enforcement K9 officer, owner Brian Smith is well-acquainted with the necessary training to equip his dogs with the ability to serve and protect. And true to these breeds, Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, they are hardwired to defend. Smart, loyal and physically adept, these lovable dogs make wonderful additions to any active home.


Ares is our prize Belgian Malinois. Born March 3, 2016, Ares serves as leader of the pack. He is 80 pounds of aggression with a KNVP style bite and incredible bite pressure. Ares is the perfect example of stability we are breeding for, with a perfect "on and off" switch. He can go from a demon to a lap dog in a word. Both of Ares' parents are direct imports from Serbia.

Named after the Greek god of war, Ares is a true defender of his pack. And priced at $165,000 we hope he won't be sold anytime soon. Ares serves as a priceless addition to the Smith family and to the future generations of his line. Trained with precision, Ares displays incredible intelligence, discipline and fearlessness.


German Shepherds are a well-known breed characterized by their large, muscular builds. Belonging to the sheepdog, or working class, Shepherds are highly active dogs which is what makes them ideal candidates to be service dogs. Smart and easy to train, Shepherds are beloved by many nationwide.


Like German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois are renown for their speed and agility but are slightly smaller in build. With a shorter coat, Malinois display color patterns similar to Shepherds that include rich mahogany and black. Their stamina and alert natures make them ideal for nose-work, sledding, tracking and dock diving.


Shepherds and Malinois are truly versatile breeds that make loving additions to any active home. As active dogs, they thrive off of affection and interaction. Naturally loyal and protective, Shepherds and Malinois are ideal protection dogs. Despite their fierce look, they can make gentle companions.


In light of their active builds and keen intelligence, Shepherds and Malinois are often recruited by military and police personnel. As some of the most intellectual breeds, they are trained with a high level of discipline and precision. And, with fiercely loyal natures, they make great protectors.

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