TRAINING Your Working Dog

At Olympus Kennels, we specialize in German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois and working dog training. Our training programs are custom tailored to produce the dog that you wish to have. It is of the greatest importance to have a plan for your puppy, so we can pair you with the best puppy for your family, rather that be an active family pet, personal/family protection dog or a dog for one of the many working sports. Imprinting will start with all our puppy's here at the kennel when the pups are a few days old and rag work and drive building begins at 3-4 weeks, and must continue until the pups are returned for the first stages of protection training.
Our training program is structured around a three month program. The first month your dog will learn on leash obedience, the second month off leash obedience, and the third month will be finishing the bite work/protection phase of your dogs training. Protection and sport work will be incorporated into all three months if that is your goal with your pup. The family's who are interested in basic pet dog obedience, that will consist of your basic sit, stay, down, heel and recall. If your dog arrives with behavioral issues (like chasing cars) we can and will address those issues, but there may be additional cost.
While your dog is here, you will receive regular updates on your dogs progress, including video so you know exactly how your dog is progressing. Please keep in mind that dogs are as different as people and all learn in different ways and different speeds. We will move forward in our training as quickly as possible, but will never move faster than your dogs capabilities.
Previous training, if your dog comes to us with previous training or you have taught your dog some of the basic obedience, we will move forward in training as not to waste time or your money.

Olympus Kennels is now taking most breeds for obedience training. Contact us for all your dog's training needs and to book a spot. Call or text Brian @ 870-565-2095 or email at

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