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Genitics are everything

Olympus Kennels searches all of Europe to find the very best breeding females for our breeding program. Compare our pups with other breeders and you will quickly realize we are doing things differently. We are one of a few breeders that bring our pups back for training. This method allows us to know exactly how our pups are doing and if they are growing to meet our high standards of drive, strength and stability.
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The Process

Choosing the right puppy for you

We are here to help your family decide if an adult dog or puppy is right for your family. If you choose to go the puppy route, we will help you select the perfect puppy for your needs. Once your puppy is selected, you will get updates on your puppy, including video and pictures, until the pup goes home with you.

Most of our clients want their puppies to grow to be family protectors. These clients will be given "homework" to do with their pup, to start the process of building a protection dog. Most of this work consist of tug play and it is crucial to the success of your puppy.

It is imperative that perspective new owners understand these working breeds of Malinois and Shepherds are high energy dogs that will require a high level of commitment. Pups will need daily exercise and room to run and some type of mental stimulation. They need a job!

There will be an interview process by phone before a deposit will be excepted, to ensure that your family has the time, energy and facilities to own a high energy working dog. Our dogs and puppies' wellbeing is our number one concern at Olympus Kennels.

Contact us at 870-565-2095 and we will see if an Olympus Kennels puppy is right for you.

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