Olympus Kennels


Our females are chosen for their working abilities. We have imported our females from Holland, Serbia and the Czech Republic. They each bring slightly different traits to our breeding program. Our goal at Olympus Kennels is to produce a better working dog, and when paired with Ares, or Maverick, we can provide you with a world class Malinois.

Athina Iwarrus


Athina is a direct Serbian import and is from the Joe Farm bloodline that is so famous in Europe. She was born in Serbia on April 4, 2016. Athina is smart, fast and fearless with a remarkable aptitude for complex training. Athina is a large, heavy boned female weighing 70 pounds and she has a huge hit for a female. Athina has extreme drive and willingness to do anything asked of her, Athina has produced many of the best pups to come from our kennel, including, Maverick, one of our studs.


Gia Bohemia Col-Bri


Gia is an import from the Republic of Czech. Gia's sire is a dog named Criminal. Criminal is a working police dog for the Slovakian government. Gia exhibits all the traits the has made her sire, Criminal, a rock star in his home country of Slovakia, after several high-profile police K9 deployments. Gia has had two litters with Ares and is currently bred to Maverick. Gia pups have been the perfect balance of pet and protector.




Havoc is a Czech import from the French Ring lines of Hurricane Bohemia Col-Bri (French Ring ll) and the granddaughter of Isco du Void de la Bure (French Ring lll). Like all of our females, Havoc is trained in personal protection and is a female Malinois with extreme drive. Our plan is to breed Havoc with our Maverick, which should produce pure fire.

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